Goditi la sardegna in tutto relax

Live a special experience

Here is a special idea to live in an exclusive ways the sea of Teulada in Sardinia. Ideas to make your holiday special.


Spend a carefree day and escape from the routine, by taking part of the fisherman work. A grat occasion to admire and dive in the amazing Sardina's waters.

Costs and organization

The excursion cost in 80 Euros per person, while 60 for children from 3 to 12 years old, all included. To carry the sea excursion, are required a maximum of 12 persons on board. If you're interested or if you want to receive more informations, get back to us with the dates you wish to have your holiday and the numeber of persons in your group.

Enjoy the sea during our excursions, diving into the waters of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia.

Only inTeulada

Time and place of departure

The trips usually take place in the morning, around 9:45 am, with departure from the port of Teulada (New Harbour). The points of most interest and where to take a dip in the sea are Cala Zafferano, Capo Teulada, Capo Malfatano. Return is expected around 17:30.
On request it is possible to make customized tours and Private excursions trip for commemoration (Birthdays, anniversaries, private parties). Write us your needs and we will prove you the best solution to your holiday.

Sardegna Pesca e Turismo

Sail between VIPs

The beaches and coves that we will see in our travel route, are also points of interest frequently visited by VIPs in Yacht

including Football players, and showman.


Enjoy a dip surrounded by luxury boat in clear waters.





acque mare di teulada - Sardegna Pesca e Turismo

Fuochi d'artificio a Positano - Sardegna Pesca e Turismo

Fuochi d'artificio a Positano - Sardegna Pesca e Turismo

Capo Malfatano

The beach at Capo Malfatano is located in the locality of Teulada. It is part of a stretch of coastline called "rias" for its rapid evolution from a landscape to another: from white sand to the high cliffs of clay and granite.

The beach has a sandy bottom with rocks and coves, rocks and stones of various sizes, with a characteristic Sardinian formation. The rocks of granitic and schistose, create their gait with small bays. The Spanish tower that overlooks the small promontory offers breathtaking views.


acque mare di teulada - Sardegna Pesca e Turismo

Cala Zafferano

Porto Zafferano has a beach and a sea really unique. On the shoreline you can see a beautiful coral pink fragmentation that makes it a unique beach.

The transparency of the water is breathtaking and the wealth of the seabed is typical of the Mediterranean sea. You should absolutely not miss diving in this area where while Snorkeling you can easily see many types of fish, including moray eels, octopus, sea urchins and much more.



Fuochi d'artificio a Positano - Sardegna Pesca e Turismo